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Assoc. Prof. Pavel Zacek, M.D., Ph.D. (born 1959) has decided to go for medicine and became a consultant cardiac surgeon - he has been working at Charles University Hospital in Hradec Kralove for more than 23 years. He kept preserved, however, his "other" life devoted to painting, photography and graphic art. Versatility and genre gaiety is for him a permanent challenge, game and adventure and even a pendant to medical profession (medical illustration, multimedia textbook).

Painting represents Zacek´s utmost inner confession; a way followed since his adolescence.

Technical mastership (multilayered oil and acrylic painting) makes him free to concentrate on the intrinsic artistic communication. Fragments of human history interlace with accumulated personal experience and on their everlasting move they appear in ambiguous and agitating interrelations; nevertheless, they clearly express eternal craving for beauty, happiness and meaning of the way.

Current exhibition
Galerie Dílo
Radnická 1, Brno
1. 4. 2015

Medical Illustration
Graphic Art
About Author